Story Theatre Company

The Library Club (2018-2019)

The Library Club is an adventure story with a twist. Every day three students come together to help out in the library. They shelve books, track down overdue ones, and as it turns out, solve mysteries as well. One day the library vanishes from the school and it is up to our book-loving trio to find out what’s happened.

Using the skills they learn from library books, the LC Kids confront fantasy creatures that have escaped from their stories and are keeping the books from returning to the Library. With the students’ knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System, their problem solving skills, and a library card there is nothing that can stand in their way as the fight for a very important and special place in the school… the library.

In addition to all the Big Ideas in Language Arts that Story Theatre always incorporates into its productions, The Library Club also includes concepts in Social Studies, Science, and Physical and Health Education.

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
— O. Fred Donaldson

playwright David MacPherson
director David MacPherson
performers Nicole Bartosinski, Alex Carroll, Claire Stewart
curriculum support Marty Layne

Story Theatre has developed many Teacher Guides for our productions. You can browse many of our past Teacher Guides in the 'for schools' section of this website.

You cand download the Teacher Guide for The Library Club (2018-2019) below, as an easy-to-print PDF:

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