Story Theatre Company

Rhymes, Reason & Rascals (2017-2018)

A simple blacksmith’s apprentice became one of the greatest kings in history. Ghengis Khan lived over 800 years ago but the question still remains: Do you know the price of everything but the value of nothing?

This 50 minute presentation of Rhymes, Reason & Rascals draws from many cultures and uses the archetype of the wise one to solve problems in unexpected ways and to discover what is truly of value. Genghis seeks the greatest treasure on earth and three knights set off on a quest to bring it back. What can they find for the man who has everything?

On their quest they encounter wisdom from many lands in the form of stories and, in the end, realize that treasure comes in many forms.

Creative problem solving and critical thinking skills are just two of the many valuable takeaway lessons from this captivating production.

playwright David MacPherson
director David MacPherson
performers Alex Judd, Victoria Stotlin, Alexander Willett
design & construction Dan Costain (set), Patricia Reilly (props, costumes)
music Kirsti Hack
curriculum support Marty Lane

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You cand download the Teacher Guide for Rhymes, Reason & Rascals (2017-2018) below, as an easy-to-print PDF:

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