Story Theatre Company

Minstrel Series: Stories of BC (2017-2018)

Storytelling mixes with music in this very special series. Our troubadours unite magical storytelling with song in these presentations.

New for December 2016, Story Theatre is excited to premiere The Magical Christmas of Old Mrs. James featuring Colleen Eccleston. This 30 minute presentation mixes storytelling and music in a theatrical presentation that is sure to delight young and old. Continuing in the tradition of The Minstrel’s Dream and Mean Old Mackie, Mrs. James thinks she is a burden, but a group of neighbourhood children show her that she is cherished. This show will deliver seasonal magic to groups of all ages and sizes.

Saga of the Salty Seas has two performers singing and telling tales of the sealing pirate Captain Gustav Hansen who lived in Fan Tan Alley and raided the sealing catches of the Russian and American eets in the 1800s. Based on a true story from articles in The Daily Colonist, it was developed for the Victoria 150 celebrations in Spring 2012.