Story Theatre Company

Literacy Day (2017-2018)

Is your school focusing on literacy this year? Need an antidote to technology? Story Theatre will have your entire school buzzing with this full day of literacy-related activities.

Start this special day off with a performance for the entire school of your choice of one of Story Theatre’s current touring shows. This is followed by a full day of in-class workshops where students learn to play an improvised storytelling game and how to assemble their ideas into a performance. Literacy Day culminates with everyone back in the gym for a special presentation with the Story Theatre troupe presenting highlights from the day and celebrating the day’s accomplishments.

Suitable for grades K-7, we invite you to celebrate the arts and encourage every student to participate. Guaranteed to have everyone talking and reading and writing and excited about learning. Call now to book a day that works for your school.

playwright Story Theatre & your school!
director Story Theatre & your school!
performers Story Theatre & your school!