Story Theatre Company

Flash Literacy (2018-2019)

Imagine… there is a knock at the classroom door, and surprise, three actors enter the classroom, present a quick story and demonstrate how to play some interactive word games. The class is then divided into three groups, and each actor works with a group on the storytelling games explaining some of the ‘best ways’ to make them work. The class tells a group story and then the actors and some of the students share making up and telling some stories. Just as suddenly, the actors leave, the door closes… and you never know when another Flash Literacy visit will occur. 

Designed to encourage the playful use of language and to share the fun at home, Flash Literacy promotes the confident use of verbal word play in even the most reluctant student.

*** Complementary to our storytelling shows. Half and full day workshops are available on their own or in conjunction with one of our touring shows. Useful in the classroom or can be adapted for all kinds of professional development and corporate uses.

playwright David MacPherson
director David MacPherson
performers Story Theatre & your school!