Story Theatre Company

Blue Beads & Blueberries (2017-2018)

What do Cinderella and King Lear have in common? 
They were both inspired by the folktale Cap O’ Rushes. French-Irish-Métis playwright Erin Macklem infuses this new adaptation with music and mischief, disguises and dancing.

When the king asks his daughters how much they love him, his youngest answers “Like pemmican loves blueberries.” Outraged, he banishes her from his kingdom and she must use her wits and her creative gifts to find her way back to his heart.

This Métis retelling of the classic story will delight audiences of all ages. This is the WORLD PREMIERE of Blue Beads & Blueberries, commissioned by Story Theatre.

"The truth about stories is, that’s all we are."
– Thomas King

playwright Erin Macklem
director David MacPherson
performers Alex Judd, Victoria Stolting, Alexandra Willet
design & construction Erin Macklem
music Avery Brown

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You cand download the Teacher Guide for Blue Beads & Blueberries (2017-2018) below, as an easy-to-print PDF:

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