Story Theatre Company

Anansi’s Gift of Stories (2015-2016)

ANANSI is a favourite character in stories from west Africa, the Caribbean, and the southern United States. He is sometimes a tiny spider and sometimes a skinny old man, but he is always involved in fun and adventures.

In this adventure, all of the stories on earth have been locked away by the sky god, and Anansi vows to retrieve them for everyone to enjoy. Poor weak Anansi must complete three almost impossible tasks in order to free the stories: he has to capture a ferocious panther, he must trap the giant python that can swallow a buffalo, and he must make the invisible fairy visible.

Anansi uses his wits to overcome obstacles and larger adversaries to achieve his goals. The performance is accompanied by interactive storytelling games that use student suggestions to create new adventures. The production finishes with our perennial audience favourite, The Nursery Rhyme Revue, which uses a simple poem to demonstrate different aspects of musical styles and choral speaking.

Now incorporating ASL!

playwright David MacPherson
director Jim Leard
performers Kristi Hack, David MacPherson, Ingrid Moore
design & construction Dan Costain (set), Erin McKlem (props, set)
curriculum support Marty Layne

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You cand download the Teacher Guide for Anansi’s Gift of Stories (2015-2016) below, as an easy-to-print PDF:

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