Story Theatre Company

1000 & Two Nights (2019-2020)


Scheherazade has to keep telling stories, or else! After telling the tales of 1,001 Nights, she runs out of inspiration. Fortunately, she stumbles on a treasure trove of new ideas — a whole world of stories from far off lands. Can characters from her childhood get along with these strange folks from other places? No way, they will never work together! Or, will they?
Spoiler Alert: Adventure, magic and surprises start to unfold.

1000 & Two Nights is a World Premiere of Izad Etemadi#s play commissioned by Story Theatre. Izad is a Persian-Canadian performer, writer, celebrity and an alumni of Story Theatre. He now lives in Toronto, acting on stage and screen and appearing as Leila for live and video performances.

1000 & Two Nights offers many of the Big Ideas in the curriculum and has elements of Social Studies, English Language and contains perspectives on many current issues in our expanding world communities.

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth." –Rumi