Story Theatre is 30 Years Old!

We are celebrating 30 years of music, storytelling and interative games. We’ve complied a list of 30 literacy activities. These are fun games to play with friends and family to activate your imagination and see where it takes you.

The paint Box mural

The Paint Box is a visual arts school located in Fernwood, Victoria BC. With small classes for all ages, The Paint Box focuses on teaching mixed media art. The school was opened by local artist and UVic grad Emily Grav who prides herself on bringing creativity into the community and sharing her passion and enthusiasm for art with all people, young and old. This mural (above) was created by 30 different students at The Paint Box, ages 3 to adult. For more information, please go to

  1. Play the ‘One Word Game’.
  2. Write a poem using the letters of your name to begin the first words of each line.
  3. Read a book sitting under a tree.
  4. Ask an adult what skipping rhymes they loved when they were your age.
  5. Write a letter to your grandmother (or grandfather or aunt or uncle).
  6. Say the alphabet backwards.
  7. Tell a story about you as a baby.
  8. Write a poem about a bird.
  9. Pretend Cinderella’s name was Cinderfella.
  10. Imagine what it would be like to have been born 100 years ago.
  11. Keep a list of the books you read. Imagine how long this will be by the time you are 80!
  12. Play ‘I packed my Grandmother’s Suitcase’.
  13. Make up your own word search puzzle using the names of people in your family.
  14. Draw a picture to fill in one of the empty spaces on this mural.
  15. Ask someone to tell you a story that their grandparent’s told them.
  16. Imagine what it would be liketo be 100 years old.
  17. Learn a poem by heart. Recite it for your family after dinner. Challenge them to learn one for the next time.
  18. Act out a nursery rhyme.
  19. Play ‘The Minister’s Cat’.
  20. Pick a colour and write about it. What is ‘red’?
  21. Keep a journal for a day; take what you wrote and turn it into an adventure story. “The Amazing Day-in-the-Life of...”
  22. Sing a song to your Mom.
  23. Get your first library card.
  24. Ask your Mom and Dad what the first book they ever read was.
  25. Write a letter to your favourite character in a nursery rhyme.
  26. See how many words you can make out of the letters of the word ‘alphabet’.
  27. Play a clapping game with a toddler or a friend.
  28. Play charades using book titles.
  29. Draw a picture of your favourite character in a story.
  30. Read a story to a younger child or to an adult.

Download our Thirty Years activities list.