Current Shows 2016-2017

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Anansi’s Gift of Stories

ANANSI is a favourite character in stories from west Africa, the Caribbean, and the southern United States. He is sometimes a tiny spider and sometimes a skinny old man, but he is always involved in fun and adventures.

In this adventure, all of the stories on earth have been locked away by the sky god, and Anansi vows to retrieve them for everyone to enjoy. Poor weak Anansi must complete three almost impossible tasks in order to free the stories: he has to capture a ferocious panther, he must trap the giant python that can swallow a buffalo, and he must make the invisible fairy visible.

Anansi uses his wits to overcome obstacles and larger adversaries to achieve his goals. The performance is accompanied by interactive storytelling games that use student suggestions to create new adventures. The production finishes with our perennial audience favourite, The Nursery Rhyme Revue, which uses a simple poem to demonstrate different aspects of musical styles and choral speaking.

Now incorporating ASL!
(50 minutes)
For ages 5 to 12.


Rhymes, Reason & Rascals

Rhymes, Reason & Rascals

NEW for 2016-17, RHYMES, REASON & RASCALS draws from many cultures and uses the archetype of the wise one to solve problems in unexpected ways and to discover what is truly valuable.

This performance features a king who seeks the greatest treasure on earth and three knights who set off on a quest to bring it back. What can they find for the man who has everything?

On their quest beyond the edges of the vast kingdom they encounter wisdom from many lands in the form of stories and, in the end, realise that treasure comes in many forms. Creative problem solving and critical thinking skills are just two of the many valuable lessons that students will learn from this captivating production.

“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” —Native American proverb

Now incorporating ASL!
(50 minutes) For ages 5 to 12.


Literacy Day

NEW! Host a Literacy Day at your school

Is your school focusing on literacy this year? Need an antidote to technology? Story Theatre will have your entire school buzzing with this FULL-DAY OF LITERACY related activities.

Start the day off with your choice of one of our touring shows. We will then engage as many classes as there is time for in Flash Literacy activities. The day culminates back in the gym, with a special assembly filled with surprises and literacy challenges that everyone can do in school and at home.

Suitable for grades K-7, we invite you to celebrate the arts and encourage every student to participate. Guaranteed to have everyone talking and reading and writing and… Call now to book a day that works for your school.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”—Albert Einstein


Flash Literacy

Flash LiteracyThere is a knock at the classroom door, and SURPRISE… three actors enter the classroom and present a quick story and demonstrate how to play some Interactive word games. The class is then divided into three groups and each actor works with a group on the storytelling games explaining some of the ‘best ways’ to make them work. The class performs as one group and the actors and some of the students share making up and telling some stories.

Just as suddenly, the actors leave, the door closes…and you never know when another Flash Literacy visit will occur.

Designed to encourage the playful use of language and to share the fun at home, Flash Literacy promotes the confident use of verbal word play in even the most reluctant student.

Complementary to our storytelling shows. Half and full day workshops are available on their own or in conjunction with one of our touring shows. Useful in the classroom or can be adapted for all kinds of professional development and corporate uses.

(20 - 30 minutes)


The Minstrel Series - Mark Hellman The Minstrel Series - Kelt Eccleston

Minstrel Series – Stories of B.C.

Storytelling mixes with music in this very special series. OUR TROUBADOURS unite magical storytelling with song in these presentations.

New for December 2016, Story Theatre is excited to premiere The Magical Christmas of Old Mrs. James featuring Colleen Eccleston. This 30 minute presentation mixes story-telling and music in a theatrical presentation that is sure to delight young and old. Continuing in the tradition of The Minstrel’s Dream and Mean Old Mackie, Mrs. James thinks she is a burden, but a group of neighbourhood children show her that she is cherished. This show will deliver seasonal magic to groups of all ages and sizes.

Saga of the Salty Seas has two performers singing and telling tales of the sealing pirate Captain Gustav Hansen who lived in Fan Tan Alley and raided the sealing catches of the Russian and American fleets in the 1800s. Based on a true story from articles in The Daily Colonist, it was developed for the Victoria 150 celebrations in Spring 2012.

For all ages, 30 minutes – but can be longer with other folk songs and stories.


BC Hydro Conservation TourAnimating Your Stories

Story Theatre, Your Creative Resource

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today”. —Robert McKee

Story Theatre’s professional performers are experts at adding life and colour to presentations and exhibitions using your stories or finding ones you will love. Story Theatre will take your message or idea and create presentations that represent you, using our unique, professional style. Past examples include promoting energy conservation for BC Hydro’s Power Smart and Conservation Tour, and Stepping Up for Telus which used stories to inspire volunteerism.

Interested in improving communication and creativity in your office or business? We can come to you with workshops to aid with team work, creative thinking and productivity. Workshops can be done with groups of most sizes and will leave everyone with more confidence and start them talking.