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Hey Bully, Bully

Hey Bully, Bully!

This is the company’s most popular show ever. It has toured across Canada and through the United States. Rewritten with electronic media in mind, this show is sure to please student and teacher alike.

In this discussion-provoking performance, a student being bullied in the schoolyard travels into a world of folk tale creatures and faces the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood; acts as a mediator between The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Troll; and finds himself becoming a bully towards the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. He finally learns what bullying means and how to deal with the Bully in the schoolyard.

Hey Bully, Bully! uses elements of the WITS PROGRAM that emphasizes WALK AWAY, IGNORE, TALK IT OUT, and SEEK HELP. Writer/Director, Jim Leard, has completed the WITS training program. Also incorporated are components from the new ERASE (Expect Respect and A Safe Education) initiative. This show is a perfect way to open up useful, non-threatening, conversations in the classroom and throughout the entire school.
(45-50 minutes) This show is for ages 5 to 12.


Fables, Fools and Fantasy

Fables, Fools and Fantasy

Developed to support Language Arts curriculum, this production uses a variety of literacy examples to engage students in exploring and experimenting with words.

This performance incorporates: Aesop’s Fables, first told in their classic, simple style and then we show how they can be updated and made relevant. Tales from the Tightrope, an original story in which the actors listen to the narrator and then perform the actions of the narration. Audience members could find themselves setting up the tent, performing as animal acts or even walking the tight rope, using only a couple of props and their imagination. The Billy Goats Gruff, told partly in the Trolls own language (gibberish) which the goats then need to translate, demonstrates how sounds and gestures can be used to accompany language and convey meaning. Monsters in my Room, a piece of poetry that is made more interesting by having several people share the telling as well as acting parts of it out, making poetry exciting and introducing choral speaking. Our storytelling games and infamous Nursery Rhyme Review round out this Literacy focused presentation that makes learning fun for everyone.
(45-50 minutes) This show is for ages 5 to 12.


Flash Literacy

Flash LiteracyThere is a knock at the classroom door, and SURPRISE… the actors enter the classroom and present a quick story and demonstrate how to play some storytelling games. The class is then divided into three groups and each actor works with a group on the storytelling games explaining some of the ‘best ways’ to make them work. The class performs as one group and the actors and some of the students share making up and telling some stories. Suddenly it’s time for the actors to leave, and as they leave they encourage the students to keep practicing and to share the fun at home.

The actors leave, the door closes… and you never know when another Flash Literacy visit will occur. Half and full day workshops available on their own or in conjunction with one of our touring shows. A new and wonderful workshop that is complementary to our storytelling shows.
(20 - 30 minutes) This show is for ages 7 to 12.


The Minstrel Series - Mark Hellman The Minstrel Series - Kelt Eccleston The Minstrel Series - Mark Hellman

Minstrel Series – Stories of B.C.

Storytelling mixes with music in this very special series. Our troubadours unite magical storytelling with song in these presentations.

Saga of the Salty Seas has two performers singing and telling tales of the sealing pirate Captain Gustav Hansen who lived in Fan Tan Alley and raided the sealing catches of the Russian and American fleets in the 1800s. Based on a true story from articles in The Daily Colonist it was developed for the Victoria 150 celebrations in Spring 2012. (30 minutes – but can be longer with other Folk songs and stories)

The Minstrel’s Dream tells the story of a modern performing busker on the streets of Victoria who finds the Christmas spirit in the people he meets. He travels from the Empress Hotel to the Save-On Arena to Royal Athletic Park and back again following a voice in his dream that promises to “solve all his problems.”
(30 minutes)

Tracks of the Troubadour features local musician and storyteller Mark Hellman, who uses folksongs and storytelling to take audiences on a musical ride from the BC Interior to Vancouver Island. BC’s unique landscape and rich cultural history are the inspiration for this special performance. (40 minutes)

Storytelling No matter the occasion, no matter the venue, Story Theatre Company has stories and performers to fuel your imagination.
For all ages & all venues.


Story Telling Magic Carpet Yoga Story Telling

Bits and Pieces, News and More

Professional Development: Workshops are available for emerging and established artists and in-school and district PD days for educators. Contact us for details.

Magic Carpet Yoga: Join actor, story-teller and certified yoga instructor, Samantha Richard as she leads small groups through a story that incorporates yoga. Magic carpets provided. Ages 4 - 7. Perfect for a special event at your studio, daycare or…?

Seniors and Special Needs Groups: Please inquire. Many of our shows can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Corporate Clients: Story Theatre Co. has expertise in creating performances for your specific needs. BC HYDRO, THE ROYAL BRITISH COLUMBIA MUSEUM and TELUS are among our satisfied clients. We are experts in animating special exhibits, touring the province or event enhancement.

Libraries: If you live on Southern Vancouver Island watch for us at your public library.